When your business moves quickly, your public relations should be capable of moving quicker.

We live in fast times. We expect quick results. When customers become more demanding and when levels of uncertainty rise, your public relations and go-to-market programs should scale to fit the urgency of the business need. 

2017 will be another busy year 

Don't try to match the increased speed of business by overworking your team. Instead, prioritize the most important work and streamline the process to get that work done. 

The primary reason businesses feel tired and overburdened is not because they're trying to do too much, it's because they’re trying to do the kind of work that they aren’t properly prepared or suited for.

These companies are over-saturated with work that doesn't play to their strengths and thus doesn’t create an advantage for the department nor the business.

If you feel stuck on PR and communication projects with tasks that you know can be accomplished faster and better by specialized partners, then it's time to pursue a more effective strategic partner.

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