PR Trends for 2017

The future is uncertain. That's a promise. But in 2017, every business will face a challenge to maximize around speed, agility and responsiveness. Especially as it relates to achieving PR and social media goals.

Speed and agility aren't typical agency characteristics. Bloated account structures, sluggish internal operations and layers of bureaucracy will hobble the agencies that were built in the pre-digital era. What used to make an agency strong, now makes it vulnerable. In terms of advising, supporting and executing for the client, a fundamental transformation of the client-agency relationship and its structure will be a major point of focus in 2017 when speed and agility need to be a result of the  

As brands look to build their storytelling strengths to suit the world that surrounds them today, a new generation of marketers know that you don't need extravagant offices scattered across the country and a 10-person account team to be effective. Smart marketers know they need a dedicated partner that scales to fit the most critical business need and responds when time is of the essence. The future may be uncertain, but it's also closer than we think. 

here are the top earned media and PR trends that will dominate in 2017.

Brand journalism will be a much bigger deal. Brand journalism isn’t just telling good stories but also identifying and researching those stories—and that means giving brand journalists full access to clients so that they can use their skills to home in on positive news that can reinforce a brand and negative news.
Media will thrive. Because media is everyone. Or rather, everyone is the media, now that we live in an age when a tweet can catch fire and anyone can become a YouTube star.



Being mentioned in the New York Times is great. It's internationally recognized, readership is massive, the coverage is fantastic, but it also has loads of new content publishing every day.

This placement will undoubtedly build trust and credibility, but we see a growing need to balance the big outlets with the small, hyper-targeted sites. While big media outlets provide you the trust we need, the smaller and more specific sites are actually generating leads and qualified traffic. 

Action item: Invest the time and focus on where your audience is really consuming media. What are they reading about? What podcasts do they listening to? Who do they trust?


A move from tips to life hacks

Audiences will want more life hacks and simple pleasures. Watch those one-minute cooking videos sprouting in your Facebook feed. In the year after BuzzFeed launched Tasty, it amassed more than 53 million Facebook followers and become Facebook’s most-watched video publisher. Simple publishing concepts tap into trends that are also shaping the future of PR: people’s desire for simple pleasures like food porn and for the collective interest in life hacks. It helps that they run on auto-play, another trend for marketers to note: Make things as easy as possible.

Action item: 


Pay to make earned media work even better

Get great media coverage and then hope your customer finds it. It's time to take a more empowered, more proactive approach. It's time to target your audience and make sure they see they media coverage you've earned.

Through advanced targeting on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Instagram, spend the money you need to spend to make sure that article is placed in front of the right customer. 


subject matter experts will boom and thought leadership will fill the news feed  

For years, and probably today too, the words "Thought Leadership" can be found in any PowerPoint presentation from any smart marketer.  

The truth is: Nothing will replace expertise and trust. Before anyone chooses anything, they Google it. 

Action item: Find the area where expertise can stand alone. 




Brands are becoming increasingly aware of a lucrative market: People with ideas. They are working to adapt or invent products and services to address their needs and wants;